"Pörgés és mindenféle. " bejegyzés legfrissebb hozzászólásai http://harcom.blogger.hu hu Válasz erre: Pörgés és mindenféle. http://harcom.blogger.hu/2013/05/09/porges-es-mindenfele#c90854 I love your post!!!! I see so many women and men dealing with this wehgit issue and becoming so stressed out that they never enjoy their lives. My story, I am now skinny and will never gain wehgit again, I truly believe this, but it wasn't always that way. Until I was about 33 years old I would go up and down in wehgit. And yes, I have used every diet in the book, until one day I just NO MORE. I'm going to eat whatever I want and if I get fat then so be it. And I'm going to do exercise I totally love, not just stuff that I do to get thin. I started eating what I wanted, just doing yoga (which I love) and walking (which I also love). Well, I started dropping wehgit and because I allowed myself to eat whatever I wanted I realized I didn't want it that badly. It was kinda like when your parents say you can't do something and it makes you want to do it anyway. Food was no longer something forbidden, so my cravings started to subside. Now at 48, I am thin, very fit, and don't think about what I can and can't eat. I hope this gives you something new to chew on (no pun intended LOL!!!!) Wed, 24 Jul 2013 03:59:51 +0200 23097_c_90854